Nu leverbaar, het topmodel van het gerenommeerde merk NUX, de WK 520 DBR. Ongekende mogelijkheden, prachtige klank en een fantastisch klavier. Weg met a

€ 895.00

2,4 GHz wireless system jack plug transmitter and receiver.

What's the main difference between the previous B-2?
Narrower bandwidth (

€ 99.00

2.4 GHz wireless system for saxophone, microphone with transmitter and receiver.

The NUX B-6 wireless system allows the saxophone players t

€ 189.00

De NUX MG-30 is een profkwaliteit multi-effectpedaal, modeler en IR-lader voor gitaristen en bassisten.

Hij kan de hele signaalketen vervan

€ 259.00

Dollar-for-dollar, the best multi-efx on the market. Our dream was to develop a compact and versatile multi-efx pedal at the right price. We understand

€ 119.00

All mesh head digital drum kit, 10S-8-8-8-12HH-12C-14R.

Disturbing your neighbors? Not enough space for an acoustic drum? Searching for a t

€ 499.00

All mesh head (REMO) digital drum kit, 10S-8-8-8-12HH-2x12C-14R.

Introducing the DM-7X: Elevate Your Drumming Experience.

Unlock Yo

€ 999.00

All mesh head (REMO) digital drum kit, 12S-10-10-10-12HH-2x12C-14R, multi-track USB audio recording.

The NUX DM-8 is our newest drum kit fe

€ 1,179.00

Remote modelling headphone amplug MIGHTY PLUG PRO MP 3, silent-play gear for guitarist and bassist.

The Mighty Plug Pro is a powerful headp

€ 89.00

2.4 GHz professional wireless system for instruments, pedal (rx) and beltpack (tx), Professional wireless Redefined!

NUX B-8 is a redefined

€ 279.00

gitaar/basversterkermodeller en multi-effect met USB-opname-interface.

Maak kennis met de NUX MG-400, een intelligent ontworpen gitaarmodel

€ 199.00

Introducing the NUX Trident, a top-of-the-line modeler designed specifically for live performances. With its extensive range of input/output options, th

€ 369.00

Digital drum and percussion pad, 8 dynamic pads, USB expandable sound library, Unlock Your Rhythmic Potential with NUX DP-2000: A Percussion Powerhouse<

€ 299.00